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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Jewellery | Serotonin Necklace: Carry a Piece of Happiness

I cannot explain just how much I flipped out when I found this necklace online as it appeals to various faucets of my personality: the jewellery hoarder and the psychology nerd.

For those of you lacking the neurochemical know how, this is the chemical structure of serotonin, a mood balancing chemical present in the bloodstream, commonly associated with the feeling of happiness. So, by wearing this necklace it's like carrying around a a tiny reminder that you create your own happiness, with you.

They also come in dopamine and noradenaline too.

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Friday, 27 March 2015

Fashion | Mela Loves London Dogtooth Blanket Wrap

This Mela Loves London Dogtooth Blanket Wrap* from House of Fraser is the perfect lightweight accessory for spring or. Worn here with my Elle Backless Bandage Bodycon Dress* from my last post, it makes the perfect accessory for an evening out - I will never understand girls who prefer looking good and freezing their butts off -  or the perfect housebound accessory for that matter as it's just so snuggly and yet effortlessly stylish with its dogtooth weave.

But the best part? It's now officially warm enough outside to wear it, one size fits all! You can check out the House of Fraser petite and plus size ranges here.

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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Fashion | Elle Backless Bandage Bodycon Dress by Style Me Celeb

How killer is this Elle Backless Bandage Bodycon Dress* by Style Me CelebWorn here over a lace bandeau to keep everything PCIf you're looking for something incredibly sexy that sucks everything in by fitting like a glove and giving you curves where you never knew you had them before! It's incredible!

The only complaint I have is in the cleavage department, it's definitely designed to be bra-less for those whom are a little more 'gifted' in that region. In my case, it reveals a little - okay a lot - more than I was comfortable showing to the internet, camera, mirror, housemate (my #1 dress approver) or anyone for that matter. But I think the lace adds a stunning vintage feel that gives the outfit an added touch of elegance.

Got dress envy? You can check out their London-based boutique here or, you know, take comfort in the fact I was wearing striped PJs and pink fluffy slippers just out of shot (no, really).

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Life | Morning Routine

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