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Give Me Glow | Roasted Marshmallow Liquid Lipstick

Give Me Glow Etsy Liquid Lipstick Lime Crime Dupe Brown Kylie Jenner Swatch Lips
Give Me Glow Etsy Liquid Lipstick Lime Crime Dupe Brown Kylie Jenner Swatch Lips
Give Me Glow Etsy Liquid Lipstick Lime Crime Dupe Brown Kylie Jenner Swatch Lips
Give Me Glow Etsy Liquid Lipstick Lime Crime Dupe Brown Kylie Jenner Swatch Lips
Give Me Glow Etsy Liquid Lipstick Lime Crime Dupe Brown Kylie Jenner Swatch Lips
Give Me Glow Etsy Liquid Lipstick Lime Crime Dupe Brown Kylie Jenner Swatch Lips

As a beauty blogger, over the past few months I have become pretty obsessed with indie makeup brand Give Me Glow who are becoming increasingly famous for their - or rather her - dupes of some of the most infamous shades and brands.

Meet Roasted Marshmallow *currently out of stock - link to follow*, the strongest lip I own and my fifth purchase from the line. It's a complete dupe for the cool-tone, straight up brown that is Lime Crime's Salem. Also purchased in this haul and swatched above is Pumpkin Couture 1 *also currently out of stock*, a Havanah Nights-inspired product for those of us who weren't quick enough on our credit card draw after the Kathleen Lights launch. Or, at the very least cried at the cost of shipping.

At around £7 a piece these are some of the best and cheapest liquid lipstick around - sorry MUA and Makeup Rev. The formula is very much liquid to matte and, whilst perfecting the application technique may be a little challenging - I need brown lip liner stat! - it's certainly a formula that pays off with flawless pigmentation and a knack for locking in moisture. Roasted Marshmallow can last through infinite cups of coffee and a lunch before noticeably wearing and I've yet experience any 'balling up' of the product in any of their products.

If this isn't a brand that's on your radar, it most definitely should be.

Skincare | Winter Morning Routine

Skincare Routine Dry Skin Primer Hydrate Hydration Moisturise Winter Routine Nivea Bee Good

As I have a nice combination of immensely oily and flakey dry zones at the moment - my skin likes to keep me on my toes - I generally concentrate the majority of my routine in the PM - cleansing exfoliating, using my Konjac Sponge* - a total lifesaver! -, applying liberal amounts of moisturiser and tiny drops of oil from various pipettes.

Meaning that, in the AM, I can wake up with minimal time to get an outfit together, dress correctly, eat whatever carb-filled breakfast I have in and dash out the door with as much of an effort on my face as I can muster at 8am. I need products that work, are quickly absorbed and help keep my dry zones hydrated and don't exacerbate my oily zones. Nightmare.

Bee Good's Hydrate, Smooth & Prime Serum* does exactly what it says on the tin. Two pumps and I can practically feel my skin being quenched. It's glorious. By the time I've reached for my Nivea Post Shave Balm - yes, you did read that correctly - it's practically melted into my skin.

Onto this bizarre second product, it's a causing a bit of a stir in the Youtube beauty community with it's uncanny ability to prime the skin with it's serum-like texture. After watching Kathleen Light's review video, I knew I'd end up purchasing it simply for the fact that Kathleen had recommended it. I can't pinpoint exactly how it does it or exactly what it is, it just works and my base makeup stays in place throughout the day.

Let me know what your winter skincare favourites are in the comments!

Life | Why I'm Throwing out my Plans for 2016

Stationery Notebook Journal Happiness Serenity Writing To Do List Marble Monochrome

Make yourself a tea. This is going to be a long one and I do hope it's worth it.

At the end of 2015 I was - finally - diagnosed with ME after suffering for just shy of two and a half years. Since my formal diagnosis, I've been pretty open about it on Twitter - and found a community that has helped infinitely with my mental state moving from "Yup, I'm definitely crackers." during the summer (genuinely.) whilst I was being passed from doctor to doctor having blood test upon blood test to "I'm okay with this - look how good you're doing, you might not be able to run a marathon but at least you god out of bed today." somewhere in October and, most recently to "Oh look! There's others too! I'm not the only one who attempted to cut through a JIF lemon."*

*This - whilst being a perfect metaphor for many of the stupid things I do before my brain wakes up enough to notice - was an actual tweet by a fellow ME sufferer and blogger.

But, back to plans. Up until now my life has been one huge 'When I' - when I finished primary school I knew exactly what school  I wanted to go to. There I knew what I wanted to be before leaving that school and that I wanted to go to sixth form not college. That I wanted to go to university and that, once all that was over I wanted to move into my own place. Whilst, in retrospect, these seem like relatively simple but big changes, I planned them meticulously over a period of years, consciously worrying over them and preparing for various scenarios. I was a plan-a-holic.

2015 was the year - I guess if I had to pick a year it was my year - that all that stopped. I graduated, moved, learnt to rive,  got a job. I ticked all the boxes in my life plan with two months to spare and now I find myself floating between a far off future and now-ness.

Had it been six months earlier I'd be chastising myself for replying to an e-mail a day later than I said I would or my inner voice would be sparking up telling couch-potato me that this was not the most productive use of my time and that I wasn't as good as this person or that person that went to the gym and clearly put more time into their blog. My planning was working against me.

It took me a long time to realise that the reality is that whilst I do have that time, I don't necessarily have the energy. I physically can't always be 'on' or make any kind of concrete plans. AND - future Charley - THAT'S OKAY. Sometimes I can't even speak coherently. Social engagements (and blog events too!) have to be planned around rest periods and simply being a normal human being is exhausting. There's a constant split in my attention between my fatigue, pain and inner voice that is constantly crooning about how a 'normal person' would have handled things better. Yet still I tell myself off for not accomplishing these goals whether it be on a daily, weekly or life-plan basis.

After studying psychology for so many years, I thought I would have the vaguest of ideas about the mind but I can honestly say that I still have little clue as to why I do the things I do (read: JIF lemon incident). I just know that it's all in the little improvements. From finding a way to prop my arm up on the foot of the bed so I can dry my hair without exhausting myself to realising I didn't substitute any words for their homophones in my latest e-mail. I need to focus on the little wins for a change, rather than the big ones.

So that's why I'll be throwing out my to-do list for 2016. What about you?