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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Pandora | Bracelet Update featuring Joshua James

Can you believe it's been an entire year since my last Pandora update? I can't - it doesn't seen five minutes since I was in my flatmates bedroom surrounded by my friends at 12:01 on the 30th October 2012 delicately undoing the ribbon on my first Pandora bag. After all, that's really what these bracelets are all about - memories.

My owl charm reminds me of the late nights I spent partying studying with my new found friends (and freedom!) during my first year of university, my pumpkin and my ghost - a nod to being an almost Halloween baby - and my camera given to a photography obsessed me for her 21st birthday by my wonderful flatmates and more importantly, long term friends.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Lush | Dark Angels Charcoal Cleanser

Lush Dark Angels Charcoal Cleanser
Lush Dark Angels Charcoal Cleanser 1

If there is one skin-loving ingredient I like to layer onto my skin, it's charcoal. I believe I read somewhere that active charcoal can remove up to four times its weight in dirt which makes it the best pore unclogging ingredient around. I'd also highly recommend the Biore range and have just purchased the This Works Quick Fix Purifying Charcoal Mask but have yet to try it out to see how it compares to this - my new love!

I cannot stress how much of a difference Lush's Dark Angels Cleanser has made to my oily and dehydrated skin. The charcoal deals with those horrible little white bumps whilst helping to exfoliate away all the dead skin at the same time. I like to use this the acne-busting cleanser by wetting my face and then scooping up a bon-bon sized (sorry, it's the closest thing I can think of!) nugget of product and wetting until it forms a smooth paste between my hands. I then scrub it all over to exfoliate and leave for 3-5 minutes until my skin feels fresh and clean (note that it doesn't say this on the tin but I like to think that it helps as you can still feel it working).

It then needs really carefully washing off - and I mean carefully, this stuff is black so make sure to use dark towels, flannels and wash the skin thoroughly when done. To me, the mess is the only down side of the entire process, which is gentle enough to be done daily, and I could see a difference in my congested pores as soon as I washed it off.

In my option, this does exactly what it says on the tin, it's Angels on Bare Faces but for those of us cursed with oily skin. A must try for anyone experiencing skin issues!

Friday, 10 July 2015

Beauty | Summer Lipstick Haul & Swatches

Beauty Lipstick Haul Revlon Matte Really Red Creme Black Cherry GOSH Flirty Orange Gerard Cosmetics Underground Swatch
Beauty Lipstick Haul Revlon Matte Really Red Creme Black Cherry GOSH Flirty Orange Gerard Cosmetics Underground Swatch

June was the month of lipstick purchases because that's just what you want before a giant British Summertime heatwave - right?

Gerard Cosmetics Underground
As Gerard Cosmetics frequently post so many discount codes over on their instagram, I thought I'd snag this unique shade for 45% off (Read: you must go follow them!). It reminds me a lot of the instahype surrounding Lime Crime's Cashmere. It's a bit of purple, a bit of brown and a bit of grey all rolled into one and feels almost waxy on the lips. It's quite unusual both in colour and texture and lasts a long time without being drying.

GOSH Flirty Orange
Recently I have been obsessed with the matching lip liner so I just had to get this and though I can say I honestly don't love it as much due to it's sheen, it looks great over either an orange liner for a true pop of colour or atop a red lip liner for a fully customisable red-orange shade. Both of which I think are perfect for summer.

Revlon Really Red (Matte)
Also known as the perfect MAC Russian Red dupe (see also Sleek's Russian Roulette). A classic red that just lasts on the lips. I also really like Revlon's packaging as it feels solid and luxurious.  Plus, as a beauty blogger it's always handy when you can see the colour through the top of the bullet!

Revlon Black Cherry (Creme)
This is the lipstick everyone was raving about in A/W 2014. Though I prefer the matte formulation of these lipsticks, this one certainly has its place as one of my favourite summer berries. YES, you did read that right! It can either be dabbed on for a light wash of colour or applied all over for that opaque and vampy finish we all know and love.

Thursday, 9 July 2015